Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Food, glorious food!

I was having a quiet moment the other afternoon trying to find some inspiration for a blog post when I realised I haven't done a food one for ages. The inspiration for this post comes from my friend Tash who is a bigger foodie than I am and she has just started her own food blog that I am in love with. Tash is a mum of 4 super energetic bundles of joy plus she works alongside her hubby and mother in law to run the family farm. Tash is a big inspiration to me! I love hearing about her daily adventures. Here is a link to her blog sweettreatsneats
Anyway, my biggest food problem lately has been finding something to eat at lunch time. By the time lunch rolls around I'm looking for something super yummy, healthy and quick to prepare. Generally I have a fridge, freezer and pantry full of options but its been awhile since I've been to town so my supplies are getting low, very low. I always have fruit & veg as they get delivered on the mail run so I decided that I would attempt a tortilla vegie pizza.
Sounds easy? Well it is.
Sounds yummy? Most certainly
Sounds healthy? Well, that's you're own decision but i reckon it is!
So, all it is is a tortilla spread with tomato paste or pizza sauce (or whatever sauce base you choose - bbq sauce would work too!), topped with diced veg and grated cheese and grilled until the cheese melts. Voila! Easy peasy.
I have found though that the middle of the tortilla is still soft after cooking but I don't mind that as the edges go crispy. I'm yet to work out a way of pre-cooking to crisp the whole tortilla. My first attempt ended up in smoke alarms screaming.
My choice of toppings today were pizza sauce, orange capsicum, red onion, corn kernels, avocado and cheese. All up its only about a cup of veg but the tortilla is quite filling and if I'm still hungry afterwards, I have a tub of yoghurt or piece of fruit.
Doesn't it look delicious!!


  1. What about if you used a pizza stone? Looks tasty to me!

    1. Oooh, I never thought of using a pizza stone! Great idea, thank you.