Monday, October 1, 2012


I'm a part of a travelling stash page on Facebook. Basically, someone gathers together a pile of fabric (generally fat quarters and charm packs) and chucks them in a parcel. They place a document on the Facebook page asking for people who wish to be involved. Once there is enough people, say 10 or 12, the parcel then gets posted to the first person on the list. They look at the fabric and take out what they want. However, they have to replace it with something from their fabric stash. Great idea I think!
One of my good friends who lives in Melbourne decided that she would package up a travelling stash and call it Drover.....I put my name down and was pleased to be third to receive Drover. I was so excited when Lara let me know he was on route to my house!! But, as it always is, disaster strikes! Because of my location, I have a roadside rural mailbox which only receives mail twice a week. It's a huge mailbox - I have heard a story of a backpacker sheltering in it from the rain one day. Anywho, we've had terrible bee problems this year and the bees made a hive in the mailbox around the time Drover was due to arrive. I was devastated as this means that Doug the Postie won't deliver the mail for fear of being stung (this I understand). Anyway, after a few mail days and a chat with Doug Drover arrived safely! He was promptly picked up, taken back to my place where I proceeded to unpack and admire him. I was in looove!
I touched every piece of fabric. I looked at them all from every angle. I sorted them into piles then I resorted them again and again until I came up with about half a dozen fat quarters that I wanted to be mine. Then I headed to my sewing room to my fabric stash. This was going to be difficult for me and I knew this from the moment I put my name on Drovers list.....I love my fabric stash and parting with any of it was going to be hard!
I sat in front of my desk and went through my FQs. I pulled out the ones that I thought would suit Drover. I pulled out the ones that deep down I knew I could part with and I pulled out some pieces that I would need to cut into FQ size.....eventually I had made my decision.
The first photo is Drover on my dining table having a rest...the second photo is what I kept (rainbow stars) and the third is what I put back in.
I have repackaged and posted Drover on his way again. He's headed further west to visit Amanda.
I'm very sorry this post has taken so long to be published but I've been super busy and its about to get busier here with the canola pretty much ready to go. I hope to get a post of that up real soon for you all.

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