Thursday, September 20, 2012

Killing time......

With harvest just around the corner hubby is taking every opportunity to go to town. Todays trip was to learn about the new piece of machinery his boss has purchased for this harvest. I had the car booked in for service so we took the opportuntity to come to town together. We visited a friend and her brand new baby girl in hospital this morning, had a quick lunch then dropped him off at the course. I'm now killing time.....I'm watching the ships get loaded while flicking through a few magazines - Australian Patchwork & Quilting and Farm Weekly. Every few minutes I glance up and can't help but smile at this gorgeous view. I love this place!!


  1. Looks like you picked a perfect day too!

    1. It was a glorious day, nice and warm but not too hot. The calm before the storm I reckon. It's blowing a gale today with thunder storms predicted for this afternoon -- eek!!