Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Ruby was recently given to me (complete with a Horn sewing cabinet). I have no idea of how old she is (any one have an idea?). I have no idea on anything about her except that I am very grateful to the beautiful lady who allowed me the opportunity to become her owner.

Ruby has a variety of functions that are very new to me. You'll see why when I introduce Betty. So far I have fallen in love with the many stitch options and the top loading bobbin!! I can finally see easily how much thread I have left!

So far Ruby & I have had a play with her 85 different stitches which includes 2 alphabets. We have mended a pair of hubby's jeans, had a moment where I thought she was gone forever, broken 2 needles, learnt that my 1/4" foot from Betty just fits and we've worked on some piecing for my Happy Quilt.

We are getting along well & I am very excited to have Ruby as part of my team - I can see great things for my sewing future!!


  1. Ruby is lovely!! Very Jealous you have a horn!!!

    1. Hi Kirsten. I love Ruby. My nan has a Horn sewing cabinet & I've always wanted one just like hers! It may not be exactly like hers, but at least it's a Horn! I was browsing through the local Buy & Sell Facebook page this morning and found a bigger one with an overlocker table and a Brother sewing machine for $300. If only I had the money and hadn't just grabbed this little one!! Oh well, that's the luck of the draw.
      Thanks for stopping by!