Friday, September 21, 2012

Doo do doo looking out my sewing room window

Living on a farm certainly has its benefits. The sun has been shining, the birds have been singing, the crops and livestock are looking great thanks to the rain & sunshine and the reptiles are starting to appear. Hang on, that's not a benefit! Anyway, life's pretty good out here this time of the year.

I love walking into my sewing room and being able to look straight across the room and out the window.....

You can't see them in that photo but there are about 1100 lambs lazing about and having an early morning graze. I love looking out the window at them. I kinda feel a bit sorry for them - they were weaned off their mums last week. They called out to them all night for the first night. Ha, sounds like I do have a maternal instinct! They have settled down quite well and are grazing well and getting fatter everyday!

Today would be a really nice day if the crappy wind buggered off. I have towels & sheets on the clothes line but I can't get them off because the wind is blowing too hard! However, I've just looked out across the barley crop next to the house which is about knee height and it's rippling like the ocean thank to the wind......I could get lost in it!

Anyway, I best be off to get some housework done and prepare for the long awaited visit from the electrician - he's finally coming to resolve my lack of powerpoints I think I better batten down the hatches as the weatherman is predicting some thunderstorms over the next 24 hours.


  1. A great window seat to sit and ponder your next sewing creation. I love to sit and watch the ocean, the rougher the better, only problem is I don't own a house on the seashore. Dare to dream!

    1. Dreams are free so dream away! We can't see the ocean from here but on a really quiet day we can sometimes hear it, especially if the swell is up.