Monday, September 3, 2012

20 Day Challenge (20DC)

Just a quick update....
Day 1: I was flat out like a lizard drinking today! Well, it certainly felt like that. It started off with not wanting to get out of bed because I was so comfy and relaxed and it was just one of those mornings. I stayed in bed half hour past my alarm and that's where the mayhem started! Got up, quick shower and I was already behind the 8-ball so the 20DC Task for the day was looked at briefly and chucked on the back burner until this afternoon. I was planning to be home at about 2:30ish. HA!

I have a friend who is supervising a SIDE student (distance education). The student has to complete a sewing subject. Now my darling friend cannot sew a straight line to save herself so she asked me if I would run the sewing aspect for her. I gladly agreed! I planned an 80 minute lesson based on the lesson book I was given. 3 hours later and we were finally finished the lesson I planned. Oh dear!! Quick lunch and off to the next destination. My best friend is due to have a baby any day so I was off to check in on her and look at her new horse that she picked up last week and to have a play with one of her other baby horses that I will be leading in the local show ring for her next month. Well, her eldest was sound asleep in bed when I got there so those plans went out the window. By the time we got out to the horses, had a quick bit of horse play and fed up, it was 4:15pm. Oopsy! The roast was supposed to be in the oven 1 hour ago!! Oh no, hubby is going to be champing at the bit when I get home. Anyway, as luck has it I gave him a quick call and he was right near the house so he happily ducked in and started to preheat the oven ready for when I get home. Since I've gotten home, the roast has gone in the oven, a loaf of bread is in the bread maker, I did a 5 minute declutter on the dining table, written my town list for tomorrow, printed tomorrows 20DC tasks, checked emails, updated Facebook, put away the clean dishes, started packing the car for town day and have popped the top on a Pipsqueak Cider. My boots are still on my feet, the dogs are still running around but I feel slightly less hurried than I did when I pulled up at home just over an hour ago. Off to ready the vegies for the oven then I might tackle the huge pile of washing sitting at the end of bed. This little exercise is part of tomorrows 20DC task but I have to be out the door around 7:15am tomorrow morning to have Nelly at the vets for desexing surgery by 8:30am. More about town day later on...... 


  1. So what you're saying Gemma is that you had a quiet day doing nothing, is that right?! Sounds like its time for a deep breath before you do it all again tomorrow!

    1. You're pretty well spot on Sooli! Deep breaths are always needed for town day!