Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Where to start?

So....my first blog post. I really don't know where to start so I'll start with a little bit about me.

I live my husband near Esperance in Western Australia. Hubby is 2IC on a broad acre cropping (wheat, canola & barley) and sheep (mainly Merinos) property. We live on the farm and wake most mornings to a crowing rooster (Rueben), playful cat (Nelly) and ewes and lambs. We have two red kelpies - Mocha & Red.

Up until about 4 weeks ago I was working at the local school as an Education Assistant. I have taken leave from this position and hope to spend the rest of the year working on a variety of projects including cooking, quilting, photography, sewing, crochetting and knitting. I may even throw in some horse riding! Keep an eye out as I may even do some other really random things.

I love to cook but find it really hard to keep it healthy and yummy. It's a 200km round trip for fresh fruit & veg and basic groceries so I like to keep a lot of frozen goodies in the freezer and prefer to cook/bake things for us. So, on our recent holiday I purchased a ThermoFoodPro SuperChef. Yes, it's a long name. To make it shorter -- cheap Thermomix. I know all about the Thermomix vs Cheaper Alternative debate and it's not something that I wish to get into. I am so far enjoying my SuperChef! I have had trouble finding recipes specifically for the SuperChef and will be posting links/recipes as I find (or create) them.

More on me later......

See ya!

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