Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Organised Housewife

Please don't think that this blog title is indicative of my life because it sure as hell is no where near that! I've titled this post in this manner because "The Organised Housewife" has recently become a favourite blog of mine. I was doing a quick Facebook check the other day and I noticed a friend had shared a link to a challenge set by The Organised Housewife. I became very intrigued and had to check it out. It's 20 Days to Organise and Clean Your Home. Wow! Perfect timing! My parents are due to arrive in WA in 32 days so I need to get the house spick & span before then. This challenge is just what I need! It starts on Monday 3rd September but there are a few pre-challenge tasks happening at the moment.
To start with I've subscribed to emails so I can stay on top of everything. Then I went through the blog and caught up on a few things that I'd missed and printed a few of the required documents. Now to find that spare ring binder I have and I'm set!
Check out the challenge here..... The Organised Housewife - 20 Day Challenge

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  1. Wow Gem - thats awesome and goodluck!!! One thing I struggle with is because we constantly move every two years I find it hard to throw away stuff I could possibly need when we move into our next home - things go into our garage and then when we move again it comes into use - I cant wait to actually buy and settle so I can throw out all that extra stuff!! Looking forward to your progress!! :)