Friday, August 17, 2012

Busy, very busy!!

Oh wow! I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted -- naughty me. I have been super busy with a big birthday party last Sunday resulting in Monday being a complete write off with a little hangover, Tuesday was working with hubby doing some fencing, Wednesday was working some young horses with a friend who's pregnant and then more fencing yesterday!! Today has been a big catch up day with lots of paperwork, emails, housework and phone calls.

So....I have attempted a few things in the SuperChef. I tried custard from a Thermomix style recipe and won't be doing that again. It burnt slightly on the bottom and left the dirtiest taste in the custard. It all ended up going into the bin! I will attempt another recipe later on.
I have fallen in love with mashed potato again thanks to SuperChef. It is so so quick and easy! I have made the mistake of 'blending' it too quickly and as a result ended up with a very runny mash. It still tastes good, just has a different texture.
I have also used it to chop garlic and onion and am so pleased with how well it did this -- especially no onion tears!
The only prob I have had was the blade getting stuck in the lock position which I now believe was thanks to some baked on custard remnants. A quick little temper tantrum on my behalf and it decided to behave. I have also noticed some black liquid coming off the bottom of the blade as I've been cooking but a good clean seems to have corrected this problem.

Tonight we have some porterhouse steak on the menu and I am thinking about doing the Potato Gratin and Hollandaise sauce in the recipe book provided plus some steamed veg.

We are going fishing for the day tomorrow (hopefully we get to see some whales!!) so I hope to be making fish cakes sometime early next week.

Till then.....

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