Monday, March 11, 2013

Sneak Peak

Just a sneak peak. Finally found my quilting mojo again and am loving it!! I can't wait to see it finished now.....maybe in time for a Finished Friday post?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Food, glorious food!

I was having a quiet moment the other afternoon trying to find some inspiration for a blog post when I realised I haven't done a food one for ages. The inspiration for this post comes from my friend Tash who is a bigger foodie than I am and she has just started her own food blog that I am in love with. Tash is a mum of 4 super energetic bundles of joy plus she works alongside her hubby and mother in law to run the family farm. Tash is a big inspiration to me! I love hearing about her daily adventures. Here is a link to her blog sweettreatsneats
Anyway, my biggest food problem lately has been finding something to eat at lunch time. By the time lunch rolls around I'm looking for something super yummy, healthy and quick to prepare. Generally I have a fridge, freezer and pantry full of options but its been awhile since I've been to town so my supplies are getting low, very low. I always have fruit & veg as they get delivered on the mail run so I decided that I would attempt a tortilla vegie pizza.
Sounds easy? Well it is.
Sounds yummy? Most certainly
Sounds healthy? Well, that's you're own decision but i reckon it is!
So, all it is is a tortilla spread with tomato paste or pizza sauce (or whatever sauce base you choose - bbq sauce would work too!), topped with diced veg and grated cheese and grilled until the cheese melts. Voila! Easy peasy.
I have found though that the middle of the tortilla is still soft after cooking but I don't mind that as the edges go crispy. I'm yet to work out a way of pre-cooking to crisp the whole tortilla. My first attempt ended up in smoke alarms screaming.
My choice of toppings today were pizza sauce, orange capsicum, red onion, corn kernels, avocado and cheese. All up its only about a cup of veg but the tortilla is quite filling and if I'm still hungry afterwards, I have a tub of yoghurt or piece of fruit.
Doesn't it look delicious!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday

Only a quick one because its been quite warm and I'm seeking out somewhere cool for the evenin before the storm hits....
I didn't get much time to do much today but I did piece together the backing for the Happy Quilt. Mightily disappointed in my effort as the middle of the four quadrants didn't join up as nicely as I had hoped! Oh well. I'm really not in the mood to sit and unpick it - I just want it finished! Its been way too long. Plus, I'm putting off other projects because I wanted to finish this.
So, the backing is taped to the lounge room floor ready for the other two layers to go on so I can start pinning after dinner while I watch the cricket. Hopefully the Aussies can get this one in the sick of their recent batting. Sorry, that's a story for another day.
My plans for quilting this one have changed a few times. First up I was going to ditch stitch using navy. But that's taking the easy option so then I decided to mix it up a bit and echo quilt around the charm squares using the navy. Loads of straight lines which I like. They would really stand out against the bright blue sashing. I then changed from navy to a rainbow thread (Great Barrier Reef by Luana Rubin). Now I'm having second thoughts because I don't know how its going to turn out against the navy and I really don't want to bugger it up - I hate unpicking!! I would like to try and use some of the decorative stitches on Clarry but I'm really nervous! Hopefully I can sleep on it and talk myself into it.....

Tomorrow should be a cooler day so I'm hoping to do a quick run through and tidy the house, help hubby move machinery and get stuck into some more sewing because at this stage Friday is going to be a no go for sewing as I've been roped into "escorting" a tractor along the highway then co-piloting while we check a few sheep.
Keep watching for a Fantastic Finished Friday post in the near future.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Clarry - my Christmas present.

Clarry is my brand spanking new Janome 2160DC. She has 60 different stitch settings including 10 different button holes and some groovy decorative stitches.
After a small hiccup involving my baby brain and a top loading bobbin, I now have the correct walking and quarter inch feet for her and have been cruising along nicely.
I love the digital display and all the buttons, especially the locking stitch that I have never had before. It has become my new best friend.
Now, I know Clarry is machine number 3 but I took Ruby in for a check up mid October last year and although she's healthy and still ticking along, she's at the age where things can start to go wrong. So when my LQS advertised a Janome sale with great specials, hubby said that I may as well take the opportunity to get a good deal and get myself a new machine because we never know when Ruby might give up. Yay! I was the happiest wife ever that day!

Stay tuned for a Work In Progress Wednesday post tomorrow.
Happy sewing!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Its been a long time!

Wow! Two and half months since my last post and what an adventure it has been!
Just a quick update:
Harvest went well and went off pretty much without a hitch. No excessive amounts of rain, no fires and lots of nice warm days to help the headers chomp along.
Christmas came and went as did our visitors (hubby's parents). It was wonderful to have them here! I got super spoilt with some cooking utensils, quilting templates and a new sewing machine who I have called Clarry. Its a Janome 2160DC. Keep an eye out for Clarry's intro post later on this week.
New Years Eve was a quiet affair with us in bed well before midnight but up again at 3am to head to the beach to do some fishing while we watched the first sunrise of 2013. We were home by 9am and hunkered down in front of the air con to fight off the 47℃ heat that enveloped the house. Holy crap, it was terrible!
Not much else has happened since to come in a later post.
Oh, and we have some super cool news that means our little family is growing...yep - there's a little baby on the way in July! We are so pleased and I can't wait to start cranking up the sewing machine to make lots of little goodies for Peanut.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's been awhile!

Well, I've been a bit slack in the blogging world havent I?!

Life has just gotten hectic around here in the past fortnight or so. My mum and dad were here for a week, hubby has been working crazy mad hours and I've been holding together a house with the cleaning, cooking & general chores.
I have found a quiet moment this morning to spend some 'me' time. I am enjoying a quiet cuppa, heading to clean the kitchen, hang out some washing then the sewing room is all mine!! I will have to spend 10 minutes doing a speed clean in there as all the odds & bobs have been dumped in there (again!).

We've had rain for the past 2 days with some more threatening clouds around today. Fingers crossed that it does not rain today as we are all itching and champing at the bit to get the headers chomping away through the crops.

Helping hubby move gear during swathing.
The rows are freshly swathed, hence why they are so green.


Swathed canola rows. At this point they are starting to dry out
quite well and are nearly ready to be picked up.

This is a video of the swather. Hubby was doing 12hr shifts so I quite often joined him for dinner. The swather cuts the canola crop and lays it in rows that sit on top of the stubble to allow the crops to dry & ripen, ready to be picked up.

I couldnt resist. Had to share a photo of my Red rolling in the dirt on the dam bank.
He gets so excited when he's been in the water!!

I did have a two day "break" in town for the local show. I helped a friend with her saddlery store and babysitting duties of Miss 1mth old and Miss 2. I was the lucky one to share a room with Miss 2 who woke at 5am. No wonder I'm so tired! I normally enter some of my photography in the show & I had plans to enter my Happy Quilt however I missed the entry cut off for the photography & I am still working on my Happy Quilt. However, I did take some photos of the quilts created by the very talented local quilters. I will pop up a post on those later on!

Works in Progress:
-Happy Quilt
-Owl Cot Quilt
-2 cheaters cot quilts.

Project Wish List:
-Christmas Table runner
-Rainbow Log Cabin quilt
(there are more but they are stored way back in my mind somewhere to be dug out at a later date)

Monday, October 8, 2012

That time of the year again!

Yep! It's slowly starting to get busy. Hubby was out the door by 6am and is not expected home till after 5pm. We have started swathing the canola. Swathing is when you cut the plant and lay it down so that it can dry out. You then come back about 14 days later and pick it up with the header. I love to watch the colours change over the two weeks. It goes through too many changes to list!
Here are the swathed rows around lunch time today.....